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Keeping Your Home Warm

The cost of living is consistently rising, food is costing more, the prices of houses and rent is increasing and our bills never seem to decrease. You only have to compare the amount you used to pay for your favourite chocolate bar when you were younger, to now to see this increase.

These rapid changes have caused some of us to look for the cheapest options available in all aspects of our lives. Whether it’s shopping at discount supermarkets or comparing insurance to see if we can save money, nobody wants to be paying a higher price than others for the same product or service.

Here at The Doors Group, we believe there is one cost that we can help you lower, and that is your heating bill. The temperature has now dropped and we have even seen snow. This sudden change in weather causes to run to our heating and turn it on full, but there are other ways which you can help keep your home warm.

  1. You lose 25% of heat through your roof due to warm air rising. As one of the easier areas to insulate yourself we recommend you lay mineral wool, sheep wool, rigid insulating board or even newspaper down on your loft floor, to help keep the warm air in.


  1. A massive 35% of heat loss can be lost by your walls not being insulated properly. However, there is an easy solution. If you have cavity walls, you simply need to get your walls insulated by a professional. In some areas, you may even be able to get free cavity wall insulation, find out if you are eligible here.


  1. If your windows aren’t already triple or double glazed then you should think about replacing them. Triple and double glazed glass allows gaps between the glass panes to be filled with insulating argon gas, stopping as much warm air escaping.


  1. Wood doors can let in drafts through in the colder months, due to them changing shape. To rectify this you can purchase draft excluders that can be placed by yourself around your door. Alternatively, you could purchase a new thermal efficient door. Ultimate Composite Rockdoors have an incredible A++ energy rating (the best on the market), so if you want to keep you home warm, this door is for you!

We hope these few points help you lower your heating bills this winter!