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Keeping Your Home Warm

If you have been watching the news then you will know that the beast from the east is on its way and it is time to prepare. If you haven’t been watching, then there is no need to worry, the beast from the isn’t what you may be thinking.

 It is in fact, the name that has been given for the polar vortex that is heading to Briton, bringing with it freezing temperatures, bitter winds and heavy snowfall. It has been predicted that temperatures could plummet to -10 degrees and there could be up to a foot of snow.

With this extreme weather upon us, we have been warned to prepare. So, get your de-icer at the ready, your warm jumpers out and pull on those woolly hats.

When the temperatures drop, it is important that your home can also help keep you warm. Although it may be too late to drastically increase your homes thermal efficiency, it may be worth doing now so that you are prepared, because as we all know, the British weather is never predictable.

To help you keep the cold temperatures outside, we look at the ways heat is lost for your home and how you can improve thermal efficiency.

1. Older doors, damaged doors or wooden doors can let in drafts into your home during the colder months. They can also decrease the security of your home and leave you prone to break-ins. If your door has seen better days, then you need to give it an update. As a door specialist, we can advise the door that will improve your homes thermal efficiency the most is a Composite Door.

2. If your windows aren’t already triple or double glazed then you should think about replacing them, as these windows no longer meet industry standards. If you need new windows then you will need uPVC Windows that are double or triple glazed, as these windows can reach a thermal efficiency rating of A.

3. A massive 60% of heat can be lost through walls or your roof. However, there is an easy solution. If you have cavity walls, you simply need to get your walls insulated by a professional. You may even be able to receive this service for free if your home fits the required criteria, find out more about this service here.

To find out more about the thermal efficiency of doors, please visit our ‘Which Door Will Keep You The Warmest This Winter’ blog.