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Making the Most of The British Summer

Being British we all know that the weather around the UK can be very unpredictable and the summer is usually shorter than what we would have wished for. Which is why the minute the sun creeps out we all flood into parks, beer gardens and our own gardens to try and enjoy the outdoors.

As a door manufacturer and supplier, there isn’t much we can do about the weather, however, we can help you enjoy your garden with one of our external doors. It might only be spring, but installing your new door now means you can make the most of the weather. Some of our doors such as French Doors, Patio Doors, Bi-fold Doors and Stable Doors are all perfectly fitted to enjoying the summer weather.

French and Patio

French and Patio Doors both feature two glass panels that are fitted into a frame. Whereas on glass panel slides onto another with Patio Doors, French Door panels open outwards creating a larger space to exit your home from.


Bi-fold doors allow natural light to fold your home just like French and Patio Doors, just on a much larger scale. Our Bi-folding Doors are available with up to 7 panels and slide all the way open. Not only just this allows a whole wall to become a door, it also lets your outdoor and indoor space work as one combined area.

Stable Doors

Stable Doors don’t allow the ease of access into a garden and the natural light to enter your home like French, Patio or Bi-fold Doors. However, they are great for those with small pets and children that they don’t want in the garden on their own. As these doors let the bottom half stay locked, therefore keeping children inside, whilst the top half is free to open and fill your home with the fresh summer air.

Although all of these doors make great doors throughout the summer and help you enjoy the great outdoors they are also great throughout the winter. This is thanks to all of our door being manufactured with security and thermal efficiency in mind so that you can still enjoy your garden and natural light from the security of your home.