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Our uPVC Windows

What would your home be like without windows? It’s hard to imagine as we have become so custom to the benefits that they offer us! If we go back in time to 14th century England, flattered animal horn panels were used to make windows that help keel house warm and draft free. Fast forward to the 17th century and glass windows we use today were starting to become a common feature in ordinary homes. But why do we need them?

The answer to this question is simple, windows help keep the outside, outside. A life without windows would lead to a draughty, cold and noisy home. Since glass windows first made their appearance they have seen some serious upgrades that are for your benefit!

Unlike old wooden frames, new uPVC frames won’t warp, discolour or need any treatment. The reason for this is that uPVC windows are made from durable plastic that can stand the British weather. As these snug fitting windows won’t change shape, they will never cause a draft like wooden windows.

Single glazed windows are a thing of the past! Modern windows are now available as double and even triple glazed. This extra glazing is filled with argon gas which acts as an extra insulator and durable warm edge spacebars. Not only does this extra glazing help keep your house warm and your energy bills down, it also keeps noise pollution out of your home! Depending on your needs will depend on whether you need double or triple glazed windows! The simple difference is that triple glazed windows have an extra glass panel which stops more heat leaving your home.

Here at The Doors Group, we are a corporate member of both FENSA and Certass. These trade bodies are your assurance that both our products and installers are of the highest quality.