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The Importance Of Security On Bonfire Night

Did you know that you are more likely to get burgled on Bonfire Night than any other night in the UK calendar, in fact, home invasions rise by around 20%? This is probably something you didn’t know as we usually associate this night with Bonfires, fireworks and sparklers, not burglaries.

We have Guy Fawkes to thank for this yearly celebration, as the day commemorates his exempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament whilst King James I was inside. Now every year we venture out of our homes to watch bonfires and fireworks, to remember this failed plot. The combination of empty homes, dark skies and load noises is what makes this night a burglary hotspot!

You are more likely to get burgled on Bonfire night, then any other night and this is why it is important to check the security of your home now by following these simple tips.

•    Ensure that any cameras, security alarms and motion lights are working correctly.

•    Keep some lights and electrical equipment on to make burglars believe that you are home.

•    Report anyone who is acting suspiciously around your property to the police.

•    If you know that you are going out for Bonfire Night then ask any neighbours that are staying in to keep an eye on your home.

•    Make sure any uPVC windows and doors are securely locked (including Roller Shutter Garage Doors).

•    If you have any windows or uPVC doors that have smashed glass or are broken then you should securely border them up until you are able to replace them.

If you follow these tips then hopefully your home will not be targeted and you can have an enjoyable Bonfire Night.