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uPVC, Composite, or Wooden Doors?

When it comes to choosing your new door, there are three main types of doors that you may come across. These are Composite Doors, uPVC Doors and Wooden Doors, they all have their positive and negative features but we think that one is a cut above the rest.
This week our blog is going to look at these three types of door and why they are the most popular types of doors on the market.

Wooden: These doors require a large amount of maintenance to keep them working and looking like new. They will require treatments to stop them warping and rotting, and painting or staining to stop them losing their colouring.
uPVC: Thanks to a UV stabilised skin uPVC Doors will never require any treatment or painting. All they will need is a wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time.
Composite: Just like uPVC Doors, Composite doors are low maintenance thanks to a UV stabilised skin.

Wooden: Wooden doors are extremely stylish and are appealing to customers thanks to their wooden look and texture. They can also be sanded down and the colour changed to whichever you desire.
uPVC: uPVC Doors have a smooth texture and finish, they are available in a verity of styles and designs. Here at The Doors Group, our uPVC Doors are available in White, Rosewood and Oak.
Composite: Composite Doors are built to perfectly imitate the look of wooden doors, without the negatives that come with a natural material. All of our Composite Doors are also available in a range of designs and in any RAL colour.

Wooden: The security a wooden door offers just depends on the quality and age of the door. When a wooden door warps and rots, it drastically decreases the security of the doors and makes it easier for intruders to get in.
uPVC: Because uPVC Doors will always fit their frame perfectly, the offered increase security compared to wooden doors in the long run.
Composite: Composite Doors are the most secure of all of the doors thanks to their thickness and timber lined panels.