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What Are French Doors?

French doors originated in France, hence their name, and can be dated back as far as the 17th century. During this time France was at war with Italy and doors were known as French Windows. They simply started out as windows that reached the floor and could be opened to gain entry onto balconies. The popularity of this new style of door soon spread and they had made their way over to the UK by the end of the century.

French Doors are still extremely popular today, but they have changed a little. Traditionally the doors were made from wood or iron and featured a large glass panel. Today French doors simply describe two doors that can both be opened and are attached to the same frame. Although they can still be made out of wood or iron, uPVC and composite is more commonly used as they are more durable materials.

Their popularity can be put down to their simple design that is both practical, stylish and allows the natural light to enter the home. They can completely transform a room, they can allow an indoor and outdoor space to work as one, whilst also flooding a room with light giving the impression it is larger. 

Although the large glass panels make the doors extremely popular some companies such as Rockdoor creating French doors a little differently. They use an extremely strong composite material that is available in a range of colours and with variable glass designs. They truly are stunning designs and are an updated take on the traditional French Door.

If you think French Doors can only be used as a door that provides access to a garden you would be wrong. French doors are still used as they were originally designed, to provide access to a balcony or any outdoor space. They are also commonly used to provide entrance into a conservatory or porch so that the natural light can travel through a home.

French Doors truly make a great entrance into any home, so why not make the most of the British Summer and purchase a new